Doctor's referral

If you have a Patient you'd like to refer to private Hydrotherapy, please give your Patient with a written referral indicating your diagnosis, precautions and any other information that will enable us to provide appropriate treatment.  We accept Enhanced Primary Care Team Care (EPC) referral.


Please phone (02) 9386-4354 to request for a referral pad to be sent to you to make this process very easy for you and your patient.


Physiotherapist referral

If you have a Patient you believe may benefit from Hydrotherapy or a functional exercise program, please provide your patient with a written referral or phone us to discuss your patients treatment needs and goals.


Referrals can be 

  • given to your Patient to bring to their initial appointment
  • phone hand over to the Physio on 9386-4354
  • faxed to 8078-3811
  • emailed to office@aquaticphysio.com.au
  • mailed to P.O. Box 191 Waverley 2024
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